Generate a Continuous Flow Of New 5-Star Google Reviews For YOUR Law Firm On Autopilot AND Increase Your Website's Lead Conversions Up To 380% With Our Automated Reputation Management And Marketing Systems!
To maximize new leads and new client acquisition the hyper-competitive legal industry, law firms need an ongoing influx of new 5-Star Google reviews, client-generated content and social proof that up to 92% of your potential new clients will read and heavily rely upon before deciding to call your OR one of your competitors' law firms.
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Why Your Law Firm NEEDS An Ongoing Influx Of New 5-Star Google Reviews...

How Do We Get Your Law Firm A Continuous Flow Of
New 5-Star Google Reviews?
RapidReviews, our proprietary automated review management software, generates new 5-Star Google reviews for your law firm on autopilot.

To do so, we obtain and upload your initial list of clients (with each clients' contact information) into our proven review generation software.

RapidReviews then immediately sends your clients an initial SMS/text message requesting they leave your firm a Google review, followed by…

...A series of pre-scheduled text and email messages sent over the course of several days (any and all messages are a“Campaign”), again requesting they leave you a Google review, if they haven't already done so.

RapidReviews auto-detects when your clients leave reviews and, when it does, it automatically shuts off the Campaign for those clients. That way, your clients do not continue getting review requests after leaving a review.

RapidReviews can generate lightning fast results, up to 25-100+ new 5-Star Google reviews in as soon as 5-30 days from activating your initial  Campaign.

Additional clients - former, current and future - may be uploaded to our software at any time and we even provide you with your own contact form to directly input your clients' contact information into RapidReviews, if you want.

To date, we've generated more than 8,500+ new 5-Star Google reviews... and counting daily!

 Concerned about negative reviews? We have the solution,an optional feedback gathering system that can be turned on or off at anytime. With this  system, we ask your clients for feedback. If they had a good experience, they are asked to leave a review on the web. If, however, they had a bad experience, the feedback form is kept internal and sent to your law firm to handle and rectify the situation promptly and privately. This minimizes  potential negative reviews.

*RapidReviews can also generate reviews from other review sites, including Avvo, FindLaw,, Martindale-Hubbell, Facebook and more. And with our proprietary custom review link generator, we can generate reviews from any and all other review sites

However, because Google is the #1 review site online and more than 90% start a search for your legal services on Google (that's 9 out of every 10 potential new clients), we highly recommend Google reviews, followed by Google reviews, then more Google reviews and so on. ;-)

RapidReviews Case Studies:
Client: Indianapolis Personal Injury Law Firm
Six (6) New 5-Star Google Reviews Within First 60 Minutes of Activating RapidReviews Campaign:
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RapidReviews Benefits and Features:
  • Immediate onboarding and setup, including customized branding, along with uploading your initial client contact list into RapidReviews for lightning fast influx of new 5-Star Google reviews
  • Additional clients may be uploaded to RapidReviews at any time, including with your own client contact form, and are immediately added to your  Campaign requesting Google reviews
  • Automated Google review requests, including initial and follow-up SMS/text and email messaging campaigns
  • Enhance and improve your Google reviews profile, including total reviews and overall Google reviews rating
  • Increase Google rankings for your Google My Business listing(s) and website 
  • Generate more phone and web form leads to consult with and convert to new clients for additional legal fees
  • Increase your lead-to-client conversion (closing) rate (acquire more clients)
  • Acquire more clients for less cost and increase your ROI on ALL your marketing and advertising campaigns 
  • Generate reviews from other review sites, including Avvo, FindLaw,, Martindale-Hubbell, Facebook and more
  • Our proprietary custom review link generator allows us to also generate reviews from any and all other review sites
  • Unlimited New 5-Star Google reviews
  • Unlimited SMS/text messages
  • Unlimited email messages
  • Unlimited feedback gathering form requests (optional)
  • Custom client contact form for you or your team to input any client's contact information directly into RapidReviews and instantly activate Campaign
  • No long-term contracts or agreements, month-to-month only with 30 days notice at any time
  • Detailed monthly reporting (new)
  • And more
Supercharge Your New 5-Star Google Reviews And Generate More Leads And New Clients From Your Website Every Month!
Discover How To Generate Up To 5-25+ New Clients Every Month Leveraging Your New 5-Star Google Reviews With ReviewPops, Our Proprietary Reputation Marketing Software That Instantly Increases Your Website's Conversions Up To 380% To Generate Up To 4X More Leads Than Your Site Is Currently Generating...
You've finally made it to the bottom of this page, which means you understand the massive value and potential maximizing your Google reviews profile.

And, there's no better way to generate a continuous and ongoing wave of new 5-Star Google reviews than with RapidReviews.

With RapidReviews doing all your heavy Google reviews lifting for you on autopilot, you're as little as 5 days away from generating an avalanche of new 5-Star Google reviews and, in the process, increasing your total number of Google reviews as well as your overall Google reviews rating, which combined comprise your Google reviews profile.

With a stellar Google reviews profile, your firm will be in prime position to generate more leads, more clients and more legal fees for less cost and a higher ROI on all your online marketing and advertising campaigns.

And with ReviewPops*, you can instantly improve your website's conversions up to 380%; that's a potential of up to about 4X more leads than your website is currently produces.

ReviewPops is our proprietary reputation marketing software that takes just 1-minute to install and activate on your website. After activation, ReviewPops instantly live-streams all your recent 5-Star Google reviews on your site to capture the attention of all your site visitors (potential new leads and clients) and increase your leads, all the way up to four (4) times more leads than your site currently produces!

One reason ReviewPops gives you such great lead potential is that it includes "click-to-call" button that's located below each and every one of your live-streaming 5-Star Google reviews. 

Your click-to-call button is custom-coded with your law firm's phone number and makes it so much easier to convert your website visitors - highly-targeted potential new leads and clients - to new leads to consult with and convert to new clients.

With an average of about 9 out of every 1o potential new clients starting a search for your legal services on Google, of which roughly 75% of those searches is being done on a mobile device, ReviewPops' click-to-call button is invaluable as it's fully-customizable call-to-action tells your site visitors exactly what to do at the exact right time: 

To call your law firm while and after reading your live-streaming 5-Star Google reviews. At that point, they are but two taps (on a mobile device) or clicks from talking to you or your intake team.

That's how valuable ReviewPops is.

*ReviewPops Limited-Time Free Offer: For the next twenty-five (25) sixteen (16) law firms to invest in RapidReviews, we will include ReviewPops FREE for up to six (6) months. Contact us today for more details.

To get started with RapidReviews (and ReviewPops for FREE), call, text or email us today using our contact information below.

Here's the deal: 

The sooner you start getting a continuous flow of new 5-Star Google reviews (on autopilot), the faster you can get more leads and new clients, so...

...Call, text or email us now at:
Call, Text Or Email Us Now To Get Started Today:

Call Or Text: (843) 290-9950
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