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Attention: Lawyers & Law Firms...
Up to 97% of Potential New Clients Read Google Reviews to Assess Your Online Reputation and Decide Whether to Call You OR Your Competitors so Ask Yourself...

"Are Our Google Reviews Attracting More Leads and New Clients OR Costing Us a Fortune in Lost Legal Fees?"
Get Your Reputation Back Fast for Higher Rankings and More Traffic, Leads and New Clients With the Only Automated Proprietary Google Review Gathering and Reputation Marketing System Delivering You Ongoing New 5-Star Google Reviews, Including up to 25-100+ in the First 5-30 Days, on Autopilot!

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 Why You NEED an Ongoing Stream of New 5-Star Google Reviews AND Excellent Google Review Profile at All Times
Google reviews are the single-most important factor 
leads and potential new clients ("PNCs") use to
research, assess and compare your firm to your
competitors when deciding to call you or your competition
Before deciding to call your firm OR your competition, up to
97%  of potential leads and PNCs first read an average of
5-11 of your Google reviews to assess your firm's online
reputation and use as the reason to call or not call you
84% trust Google reviews from complete strangers as 
much as a personal recommendation from a friend,
colleague, family member and/or referral source
Attaining and maintaining an excellent Google review 
profile is proven to generate more leads and new clients
 for less cost across ALL your marketing and
 advertising campaigns
Having an excellent Google review profile is well-known for
giving your Google Business Profile ("GBP") and website
(significant) ranking boosts in the Google Maps and organic
local search results to help get (and keep) your
phones ringing off the hook
with potential new clients
86% believe Google reviews 90 days and older are not
relevant and discount or ignore when assessing your
online reputation and deciding whether to call or
contact your firm OR your competitors' firms
 12% of potential leads and PNCs will only consider a law
firm with a perfect 5.0 Google review rating, just 74%
for firms with a 4.0 to 4.4 rating and only 48% when a
firm's rating is less than 4.0
Your Google review profile is THE KET  to generating
more leads and acquiring new clients for less cost
Regardless of the marketing strategies you employ, including...

SEO, automated lead systems, pay-per-lead (PPL), Google Ads (PPC), Google Local Service Ads, YouTube Ads, retargeting, social media and/or any other method,

Your Google review profile and rating can have massive impacts on your firm's new client acquisition and income.

According to Harvard Business School's research, a 1-star review rating increase results in up to an 11% revenue increase.

And for practice areas with high average client lifetime values and/or potential for big outcomes, like...

Personal injury, wrongful death, class action, medical malpractice, etc. revenue increases could be significantly higher as firms may enjoy a big or huge favorable verdict, settlement and/or result that could be for multi- 6, 7,  even 8-figures or more.

By implementing a proven Google review gathering and reputation marketing system that elevates and maintains your profile at excellent status, not only can you have a major influence over your bottom line, you'll be in prime position to control your firm's future success.

Whatever your practice area(s), it should now be clear why attaining and maintaining an excellent Google review profile is an absolute must.

Your key to unlocking higher rankings and more traffic, along with, more leads and new clients for less cost.

And the faster you focus on your Google review profile and maximize it's value to your firm...

The faster you can reap the benefits and financial rewards that follow.

And that's exactly what our proprietary Google review gathering and reputation marketing system* can do for you.

*Other Review Sites: We can also generate reviews from any other review site, including Avvo, FindLaw, Lawyer.com, Martindale-Hubbell, Facebook, etc.
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What is Your Google Review Profile?
Your Google review profile includes:
  • Total number of Google reviews;

  • Total number of Google reviews in the last 30 and 90 days;

  • Overall Google review rating;

  • Age of your most recent Google reviews;

  • Total number of negative Google reviews, including recent bad reviews; and

  • Replies to both positive and negative reviews and how long it takes to reply.
Warning. Never assume a perfect 5.0 Google review rating (or close to it) equates to an excellent Google review profile; there are several components to your profile.

If you're wrong, you will leave new leads, clients and additional legal fees on the table and will continue to do so until you fix and maintain your profile.

To be and stay competitive in today's fast-paced, highly-competitive, online landscape...

You need an excellent online reputation to compete and...

When you do, it's proven to increase rankings and generate more online traffic and leads to consult with and convert to new clients for less cost.

So get ready to enjoy all the benefits and financial rewards an excellent Google review profile can give you with....
Proprietary Automated Review Gathering and Reputation Marketing System
With 14,500+ new 5-star Google reviews already generated for law firms like yours (and counting)...

RapidReviews quickly and effortlessly transforms your Google reviews into an excellent Google review profile and maintains it at that level.

By doing so, your profile can become one of your firm's most valuable assets that's...

Proven to increase your leads and conversions up to 2X-4X+.

In addition to generating an ongoing stream of new 5-star Google reviews, including up to 25-100+ in as little as five (5) days on autopilot...

RapidReviews also helps increase your firm's online visibility and rankings by quickly elevating your Google review profile to excellent status, which...

Google seriously considers when ranking your GBP and website in the Google Maps and organic local search results, respectively.

With higher rankings, you can benefit from more online traffic, along with more leads, to consult with and convert to new clients.

On average, more than 9 out of every 10 of your potential leads and PNCs search Google to find your legal services and most all of them will first...

Read your Google reviews before deciding whether to call you OR your competition for their cases and legal matters.

Now that you know why you need to attain and maintain an excellent Google review profile at all times, here's how RapidReviews gets you lightning fast new 5-star Google reviews, along with a continuous stream of new ones:
Four (4) Simple Steps For Generating an Ongoing Flow of New 5-Star Google Reviews For You, Including up to 25-100+ in the First 5-30 Days, on Autopilot
Step 1
Your custom Google review gathering campaign is setup
and your initial client contact list is uploaded into
RapidReviews, which activates your campaign
Step 2
RapidReviews instantly sends your uploaded clients a
personalized SMS/text or email message with a
custom link to your Google reviews posting area
requesting they leave you a Google review
Step 3
 Clients that do not leave a review prior to next pre-
scheduled message automatically receive 1 or more
additional text and/or email messages over several
days ("Campaign"), with each message requesting
they leave you a Google review
Step 4
When a client leaves you a Google review, RapidReviews
automatically turns the Campaign off for that client so they
do not receive any remaining scheduled messages
Rinse and Repeat Steps 1-4
Rinse and repeat steps 1-4 unlimited times for ongoing
new 5-star Google reviews. For even more 5-star Google
reviews, RapidReviews can also deliver reviews from
non-clients (law school friends, other professionals,
referral sources, employees, etc.)
Concerned About Current and/or Future Bad Google Reviews? 
Don't be.

First, RapidReviews' optional feedback gathering system, which may be toggled on/off, solves the negative Google review issue by...

Minimizing bad reviews by first asking your clients for their feedback.

If their feedback is positive, they're asked to leave a review.

If it's negative, they are thanked for their input while their feedback form is only sent to you for handling as you see fit.

Second, if you have existing and/or get future bad Google reviews (which to date has never happened with RapidReviews)...

Our bad Google reviews removal service  is available to you and costs you absolutely nothing ($0.00) upfront and...

You only ever pay for negative  reviews we successfully remove after they are removed.

With a a staggering 80%+ bad review removal success rate, we are highly confident we can help you get bad Google reviews removed quickly.

Now that you know how easy it is to attain and maintain your very own excellent Google review profile lightning fast as well as how to get rid of lead and client acquisition killing negative Google reviews...

Now's your time to...
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Case Studies
 RapidReviews Delivers New 5-Star Google Review Results to Law Firms Like This...
To Get Results Like This...
Short on time? Click the "cog wheel" at bottom right-side of video screen to increase video playback speed, 
  • Immediate onboarding and setup for lightning fast influx of up to 25-100 (or more) new 5-star Google reviews in the first 5-30 days

  • 100% Automated SMS/text and email Google review requests to quickly improve your Google reviews profile to elite status and maintain it

  • Unlimited Campaigns

  • Unlimited New 5-star Google reviews

  • Unlimited text and email messages

  • Unlimited feedback gathering form requests

  • Unlimited uploads of clients and non-clients for an ongoing flow of new 5-star Google reviews

  • Custom client contact form for "timely," on-the-fly Google review requests

  • Generate more phone and web form leads to consult with and convert to new clients for additional legal fees

  • Increase your lead-to-client conversion (closing) rate and acquire more clients for less cost (on a per new lead and client acquired basis)

  • Increase your return on investment ("ROI") for ALL your marketing and advertising campaigns

  • Increase your Google rankings for your GBP(s) and website

  • Generate reviews from ANY other review site with our proprietary custom review site link generator 

  • No long-term contracts or agreements, month-to-month only, you may cancel at any time with notice

For an Ongoing Flow of New 5-Star Google Reviews on Autopilot, Including up to 25-100+ in the Next 5-30 Days AND an Excellent Google Review Profile...
Your Next Step...

As our agency's primary services involve helping law firms get more leads to consult with and convert to new clients...

We've made your Google reviews and online reputation our #1 top priority.


Because over the past 11 years, we've learned that your Google reviews can literally make or break your lead and new client acquisition campaigns and budget and, that...

Not having an excellent Google review profile can be your ultimate silent lead killer.

After all, potential leads and PNCs that considered calling you but didn't because of your Google reviews are not going to contact you to explain why they didn't call you.

Instead, they're going to call (and engage) your competition.

This means lost leads, lost clients, lost legal fees.

All without you ever even knowing it.

That's why your Google reviews (and online reputation) are the single-biggest factor positively or negatively impacting your ability to generate leads and acquire new clients.

So,  what do  your Google reviews say about your firm?

Do they cast you in a favorable light?

Do you have and maintain an excellent Google review profile at all times?

Do you have new 5-star Google reviews within the last 30 days?

Do you have  negative Google reviews?

Do you have an ongoing flow of new 5-star Google reviews coming in?

Do you have a dependable automated Google review gathering and reputation marketing system in place that doesn't require any time and effort on your and/or your team's part?

Do you have your new and recent 5-star Google reviews live-streaming on your website for up to 380% more phone leads?

If you answered no to any of these questions, your Google review profile needs immediate attention.

Otherwise, your Google reviews will continue to negatively impact your new client acquisition campaigns and bottom line.

Fortunately, it does not need to be or stay this way and can be corrected fast.

To do so, you must take action ASAP, invest in yourself and let RapidReviews turn your Google review profile into your firm's next rainmaker and get up to...

2X-4X more leads and new clients for less cost, along with higher GBP and website rankings, for even more online traffic, leads and new clients.

And when you invest in RapidReviews now, we'll include ReviewPops for up to 1 year free.***
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